As a celebrity, Selena Gomez’s favorite color has been a subject of interest for her fans and followers for years. Many blogs and news outlets have claimed that Selena Gomez’s favorite color is green. However, after conducting a careful study, it remains unclear how these blogs arrived at their conclusion.

Well, Selena Gomez may have disclosed her favorite color during interviews or events in the past, like a moment in 2007 when she was asked to discuss a movie she starred in. It was during this occasion that she mentioned her favorite color was green. However, given that she was a teenager at the time, it’s reasonable to assume that her tastes and preferences have likely changed over the years. While some individuals do hold onto their childhood favorites as they grow older, it’s uncertain whether Selena Gomez falls into that category, as there recently hasn’t been anywhere she explicitly mentioned green as her favorite color. 

When you look back at highlights of the dresses Selena Gomez has worn to events like the Grammys, it’s noticeable that green dresses are rarely among her choices. Instead, she’s often seen in red, purple, or black dresses. From the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in September 2009 to the Golden Globes in January 2024, Selena has consistently opted for more black dresses, occasionally adding touches of red, rather than choosing green.

If Selena Gomez truly had a fondness for green, one might expect to see subtle hints of that color in various aspects of her life, such as her clothing choices, home decor, and personal belongings like kitchen utensils and cookware. These little details often reflect a person’s preferences and can tell a story about their tastes and interests. While it’s possible that some individuals prefer to keep their favorite things private, it’s usually evident in their daily lives or at least on special occasions and events.

Fast-forward to June 2022, during the Rare Beauty New Product Launch Event, a reporter took the opportunity to ask Selena some lighthearted questions, one of which was about her favorite color. Selena responded, somewhat uncertainly with “Black.” Green in 2007, and black in 2022? What happened in fifteen years? Growth maybe?

The contrast between her favorite color being green in 2007 and black in 2022 raises questions about how people’s preferences can change over time, especially someone with her level of influence and wealth. Additionally, in a 2017 Vogue interview titled “73 Questions with Selena Gomez,” she was asked about the dessert she couldn’t live without, and she answered, “Chocolate cake.” However, in 2022, at the Rare Beauty New Product Launch Event, the same question was posed, and she responded with “Tiramisu.” This apparent shift in preferences, both in color, dessert and so many other choice perhaps, suggests that Selena’s tastes have evolved as she has grown personally and professionally over the years.

As people mature, they naturally evolve and explore new interests beyond their childhood favorites. While it’s common for individuals to hold onto cherished childhood preferences, it’s also perfectly normal to outgrow them and embrace new experiences. This flexibility and willingness to try new things are among the benefits of personal growth: the ability to explore and embark on adventures.




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